Are You Ready to Have Our Proven Team of Founders, Angel Investors, and VCs Bulletproof Your Winning Startup Idea? 

Our Proven 14-Day Process for Validating Your Startup Idea

Market Your Product Before It Exists

We create a unique landing page and video using a few basic inputs that you will provide. btw, these are yours to keep!

Curated Customer Base

We carefully curate a precise list of up to 200 users within your target demographic.

Product-Market Fit Survey

We deliver 3 categories of survey questions to test the product itself, the features, and the business model.

Investor Feedback & Results

Angels review the results with you and determine if there is product-market fit, if you should pivot or scrap the idea.


The #1 reason why startups fail is they run out of cash.

They can’t get enough paying customers to cover their expenses.


It’s a symptom of not achieving product-market fit. In other words, the market doesn’t care enough about your product to invest their hard-earned dollars into using it.


After investing millions of dollars of our own money into startups over the last 10 years, we noticed there was a clear predictor of successful launches. Founders who had invested time, energy, and money into validating their ideas before building them were destined for success…confident they had a winner on their hands and unafraid to go “all in” on building and launching their product to the masses.


On the other hand, founders who had skipped the idea validation step and assumed the market would buy it after just talking to their friends and peers…often came face-to-face with the sobering reality…one that doomed them to a slow, painful, and costly death….


…. because the market simply didn’t care enough about what they built.


After spending 5+ years consulting and touring various startup accelerator programs around the country, our team of investors, founders, and VCs realized something needed to be done about this problem. Created for founders, by founders. So, we decided to launch the world’s first ever, done-for-you Idea Validation service.


Created for founders, by founders.


With over 90% of startups failing and less than 2% receiving venture-backed funding, we created a revolutionary process to give your startup idea the best chance of not only launching successfully, but getting the funding, you need to achieve peak growth velocity.

Designed and used by Angel Investors, VC’s and Founders.

p.s. it’s the same process we use to make our own startup investment decisions.

Gain Massive Confidence You Have a Winning Product


Regardless if you think you have a million-dollar idea on your hands, the only voice that counts is the market. Will they vote with dollars and use your product? Or will they quickly glance, shrug their shoulders, and move on?


Our proven process takes your idea directly to your target market and asks them a set of strategic questions to determine if there is a Product-Market Fit. If there is, you enjoy the peace of mind knowing you have a strong foundation for rapid growth. If not, then at least you get the market’s verdict before spending countless dollars, hours, and resources.


Either way, it’s a win-win.

Instant Access to Top Angel Investors and VC Firms


Our team of investors and VCs are always hunting for promising startups to invest in. The first thing we look for is Product-Market fit.


Using our Idea Validation service, you instantly get plugged into our massive network of startup founders, investors, coaches, and mentors…and if there is substantial interest from any of them, you may find yourself in negotiations with deep-pocketed investors clamoring for a piece of your company.


Better yet, you’ll have our stamp of approval that your idea has “traction”, signaling to potential investors you’ve not only validated Product-Market fit, but did so using a reputable team of proven startup veterans.

We also consider exceptional candidates for our own startup accelerator programs run by Lights on Lab and Blue Skies Unlimited.

Highly Curated Database of up to 200 Potential Paying Customers


Our goal during Idea Validation is to get you up to potentially 200 paying customers with 85% positive feedback on the core features of your product or service.


You’ll get a comprehensive database of targeted prospect information that we handpicked and curated for you…and you’ll own this customer list forever so you keep them updated on the progress of your product and also launch to a solid foundation of paying customers (without investing a dime into marketing or advertising!).

Most Start-Ups Never Find Product-Market Fit.
Don’t Be One of Them. 

Our Team of  Subject Matter Experts

Jeff McDermott

Founder, The Lights on Lab
Angel Investor

Dezzi Rae Marshall

Founder, The Recruiting Ronin

President, Pitch Globally LA Chapter

Phil Stover

Co-founder, Blue Skies Unlimited

Scott Taylor
Eric Boothe

Investment Principal, Elevate Capital

Brian Grushcow

Entrepreneur In Residence
Before You Begin


Frequently Asked Questions

Is your Idea Validation service right for me?

If you’re a startup founder with a BIG IDEA and you’re 100% committed to validating that idea and bringing it to market, then congrats – you’ve found the world’s only done-for-you idea validation service. Our veteran team of Angel investors, Founders, and VCs will run your idea through our proven process and you’ll get absolute certainty on whether or not to move forward with building and launching. However, if you’re “on the fence” about investing into idea validation, then we won’t be a fit. We value your time and ask the same in return – please ONLY apply to work with us if you are “all in” and appreciate the value of achieving product-market fit as soon as possible.

I understand this is a 100% Done-For-You service. Is there anything I need to do? The only key deliverable we’ll need you to complete is the Lean Canvas Idea Overview. Since you know your product and market best, we’ll be relying on you to fill in as many details as possible as to what your product does, the problem it solves, and who it solves it for. The better you fill this out, the more confident we can be when determining product-market fit. Beyond that, you’ll also be engaged to sign off on the survey questions that our team creates, or provide input and suggested changes. Finally, we’ll want you to review your results with our team and discuss possible next steps.

How much does your service cost? Our standard investment for this service is $5,000. While this is no means a drop in the bucket, the countless hours and money you’ll save by doing this before you build the product will pay for itself in spades. Plus, you get connected to a team of startup veterans and investors, opening the door for investment, mentoring, and advisory opportunities. Finally, we purposely chose this price point to weed out any tire-kickers or “fly-by-night” founders. We only want to invest our time, energy, and resources into people and products that built to last and bring real, sustainable value to the market.

Can you tell me more about your team?

Sure, our team is comprised of founders, angel investors, and venture capitalists. We use this same exact idea validation process as part of our internal investment screening. We came up with this process after spending 5 years consulting and touring accelerator programs all over the US, identifying the shortfalls and missing links that caused startups to fail. We also have spent over 5 years running and testing our own accelerator programs, and 10+ years investing our own money in startups.

What happens once I’m done? You review your results with our team for both positive and negative feedback. We then determine if our Phase 2 program is a fit for your team. Phase 2 is where we help you build and launch your MVP (Minimal Viable Product) and help you grow to $100K in revenue within 12 months.

What If I Have Questions Or Need Support?

Once enrolled you’ll receive information from us on how best to contact us via email for questions about the coursework, or our technical support team for any system (online access or performance) issues. You will also be able to submit and ask questions during the live weekly office hours sessions, and through our private Facebook community.

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